A Guide to Solar Panel Efficiency

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Solar panels are more efficient than ever, potentially meaning more electricity for your home and more savings for you. With more and more people becoming interested in solar energy every day, questions often pop up around what really keeps panels working well (or not as well in rare cases). 

Most solar panels average a max efficiency of anywhere from 15-20%, with the panels that Pink Energy installs at the top end of that range. This means our panels are potentially able to generate more electricity out of the sunlight they get — which should make them more than efficient enough to help handle your power needs.

When are Solar Panels Most Efficient?

In cooler, sunnier weather (but any season or climate will work)

Solar panels can be efficient in every season, and there are pros and cons for each. Spring is actually one of the best times for solar panel efficiency, due to the warm-but-not-too-hot temperatures and longer day cycles, but even winter can provide meaningful solar production. There may be a slight difference in energy production due to the reduction in sunlight hours, but panels during the winter months will still produce solar energy for your home. You can store excess solar energy produced during times of higher production, for use in seasons of lower production, with a Pink Energy battery.

When the panels are clean

Keeping your panels clean isn’t a regular chore like doing the dishes or mowing the lawn. To keep them at their best, simply ensure that you have them professionally cleaned 1-2 times a year, because going up on your roof likely isn’t the wisest thing to do! Cleaning panels yourself is done much more easily if they’re installed on a ground mount.

When they’re made with top-tier materials

There are three major types of solar panel construction: monocrystalline, polycrystalline and thin-film. Pink Energy uses monocrystalline solar panels (made from crystallized silicon) because they’re the most efficient, while still taking up less space and offering a practical and sleek black design. The ones we install come with a minimum 25-year power production warranty6 — and that’s because we want to offer top-shelf, American-quality products that are long-lasting.

When they’re placed effectively

A typical home within the U.S. gets a yearly average of 5 “full-sun” hours per day. We try to position our panels on the southernmost side of homes, at the needed angle to try to get the maximum return on investment. 

When the right amount are placed

We try not to blanket roofs with solar panels unless it’s needed to give you your desired production. The number you need will depend on a number of factors, and we go through those in greater detail here

Dependable and Efficient Energy Made Easy

Solar panels are only as efficient as the quality they’re made and installed with. With the premium solar panels, Pink Energy installs, we believe we’ve found the sweet spot in terms of value and efficiency for our customers. Request your free quote today and see the potential benefits for yourself.